Writer's Guidelines
Submissions can be sent in the body of an e-mail (please, no attachments) or by snail mail on a 3.5" floppy disc to Lanajean Vecchione, Editor, Fashion Flashbacks, P.O. Box 138, San Mateo, CA 94401.
Supplemental photos are encouraged and also considered for publication. All submissions are subject to editing for length and clarity. Please examine our site or a sample copy of our print publication before submitting material. Please, only submissions related to fashion will be accepted. Due to the volume of mail we cannot guarantee the return of your materials, so don't send your only copy. Some of our regular features are listed below.

    What's New:
    These are short news briefs (50-500 words) about vintage fashion in the media today. These may be product and designer reviews, store profiles, exhibit openings, new books, commentary on news coverage, press releases, announcements, etc. Contact information, including a phone number or e-mail address, is helpful. Location, costs, dates, and contact information for any events is essential. Listings will appear on the Fashion Flashbacks web site and newsletter as time and space permit. Fashion professionals, please take advantage of the promotional opportunity and put Fashion Flashbacks on your mailing list.

    Designing the Times:
    This is an examination of a fashion designer (500-2000 words.) Include major accomplishments, a supporting photo of the designer or a garment they created, and the mark the designer left on fashion history. Supporting facts, sources, and further reading and web sites should be noted. Quotes can be gathered from an original interview with a living designer, or sparingly taken from previously published sources.

    Feature Articles:
    These explore retro fashion and popular culture from a historical perspective with points for good humor and visuals. They are open to experienced writers or those with a passion for fashion, history, and good research and writing. These will range in length from 800-2500 words and will appear in the Fashion Flashbacks magazine with teaser paragraphs featured on the web site. Short side bar features are often a part of these articles, and could include further commentary, reading or web site suggestions, added facts, or museums. Please write us an e-mail with your pitch and any ideas before developing the entire story and include writing samples if you have some. Payment is negotiable.


Web reviews

Newsletters - 'Zines
If you have or know of a publication that belongs here let us know. Don't Forget! When contacting organizations listed here say, "I heard about you on Fashion Flashbacks!" We appreciate the support!

    Fashion Flashbacks
    if you like this web site you'll love our printed version, 95% of which is NOT available here. Learn more about the styles, the clothes, the designers, and the fads that made fashion history. In your mailbox four times a year for just $12 with a $10 discount rate for students!! Click here for the rest of the story.

    Thrift Score - This is a funky little 'zine with great articles and tiny print. It is about 20-24 pages of 8 1/2 by 11" folded photcopied sheets but well written ans attractive. I subscribed a few volumes into it and promptly ordered every back issue. This is the closest topic to retro fashion in print. It will continue to be that way until the thrifts are stripped bare of cool stuff. Always includes an article related in some way to retro clothing. Look for it at Tower Books (it gets published 3-4 times a year) or write: Thift Score c/o Al Hoff, P. O. Box 90282, Pittsburgh, PA 15225. Six bucks for six issues, a bargain.

    Vintage! of the Federation of Vintage Fashion - This newsletter is published quarterly, subscriptions come with annual dues to the Federation of $10. Usually 4-8 tabloid size pages with variable content. All eras of vintage clothing are open for discussion, also a regular review of vintage shops nationwide. Thanks to active member and Fashion Flasbacks curator Lanajean Vecchione, retro fashion gets some ink here. For more info write: John Maxwell c/o FVF, 401 San Gabriel, Vallejo, CA 94590.

    Vintage Gazette This quarterly newsletter lists vintage events from all eras. Content leans towards museum displays and vintage shows, but there are also short book reviews, artcles, and advertising. The annual subscription rate is $12 for this eight page 8 1/2 by 11" newsletter. Write: The Vintage Gazette, 194 Amity Street, Amherst, MA 01002 (Checks payable to Molly's Vintage Promotions)

Magazine Article Index -
We cannot reprint them here in whole due to copyright purposes, but we can print a list of articles published about retro fashion. We will list the title of the article, title of the publication, the date of the article, and a capsule of what the blurb was about. Follow up on the information yourself as part of a research project.
Better still, participate in the forum by telling us about any recent articles you have read on the topic. We will credit you as the source for the tip! Get involved with fashion research and help others like yourself! Spread the word!
Let us know now of any articles or fashion related web links by sending e-mail today.

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