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Panty Hose Pimping Edition
These original retro pantyhose packages have been donated by Dennis Tacs. Thanks Dennis for your generous support and thanks to YOU for purchasing your favorite package!
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Lady Lori Pantyhose

The package says these are for "your lovely legs" and most certainly wanted you to confuse them with Leggs, the leading competition's brand name! These are 100% Nylon and while "one size" they have "multi-filament" yarn that makes them stretch as much as Pinocchio's nose! Just in case you don't believe me, check out Lady Lori's pose. While most Panty Ho ladies choose to stand, stretch or bend, this one is laid out on the floor waiting for you to check out the double-jointed action. The pantyhose are in an innocent shade of white. Call a nurse.




Super Stretch Panty Hose

This imported French design from the 1970s features the flexible Annabel modeling. I have seen all sorts of Panty Ho poses, but never had I seen a pose that reminds me of taking a crap in the woods with nothing but a leaf to clean the loins. But I digress. The wooded squat pose is obviously meant to demonstrates how much STRETCH you get out from this 100% nylon sheer stretch hose. There are washing instructions on the back and the shade is a soft natural flesh tone.



Miss Palette Panty Hose

This classic 1960s package features the youthful, almost childlike Miss Palatte, ready to tickle the canvas with her outstretched paintbrush. This model certainly doesn't look old enough to be playing with paints without her panties on. To make matters more puzzling, her long straight blonde hair and high cheekbones bear an uncanny likeness to Jan Brady! The hose are a first quality Taupe using Cantrece II (which dates them as 60s.) The claim is that they "fit like a second skin" and are "a sheer wisp of luxury designed to gently cling." I imagine these have a stretch that would hold you as tightly as Miss Palate holds her paintbrush.



Super Crotch Pantyhose

These "Name Brand" panty hose are modeled by a typical 70s chick with super silky hair and a groovy polyester shirt. All Sheer Super Stretch hose have a ventilated crotch so there is plenty of air flowing "down there". The color is "Coffee Bean" so it's super strong. This size fits heights from 4'11" - 5' 7" and weights from 90-150 lbs. It has a white control top and is not sheer to waist like the one shown on the package.These are "slight irregulars" and the "slight imperfections will not affect the wear.







Tall Girl

The bee sting breasted girl in black makes no apologies, she is Tall Girl, or T-Girl for short. A great period package, this 1960s pantyhose poser is busting out of her octagon background into the lime green sky. Don't you want to own some T-Girl pantyhose?? This grey pair fits sizes 5' 8" and over. Make the most of those long, lovely legs with a 100% nylon lift.

Eros Pantyhose

We always knew pantyhose were ERO-tic, but this takes it to a new level. You get a full frontal sheer shot of the blonde, and not a wisp of the waxing she surely had. The black haired belle is wearing the grooviest garment known to pantyhose modeling. Both have long, beautiful feet and legs. If you like 1960s girls on film, check out this tag team of tantalizing dames. Oh and did I forget to mention these contain a comforting cotton crotch? Within the blue freeze frame design are first quality 100% nylon finery in a Satin Taupe shade. If you are between 5'1" and 5'10" and weigh between 105-175 pounds, this pair of eros is your size.





3 Pair Budget Ho

The braless bleached blonde goddess of green has only the top button of her shirt secured while the photography studio fan blows it open. The curve of her booty takes the eye to a flawless thigh, bended knee, and reinforced toe. She uses a cool wicker stool as her prop. But what if a piece of that stray wicker snags her hose? Who cares?! This is a THREE PAIR PACKAGE of lovely Taupe pantyhose. It fit sizes 5' through 5'8" so you can share a pair, wear a pair, and spare a pair.

Big Mama

Okay, so maybe wispy and waxed blondes are not your style. Maybe you like them a little thick. Or maybe you ARE a little thick. Big Beautiful Women need pantyhose too, and this rare 70s brand of historic hosiery was a pioneering style. They belong in a pantyhose museum, right next to the L'eggs egg. Advertised in Life magazine, these are unique for having a reusable panty that can be removed if the hosiery runs.
This was the brand that liberated big babes, and Big Mamma pitched to larger ladies when the majority of pantyhose models were size 5 or below. This is how if FEELS to be a QUEEN!!



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