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This page is provided as a self-service resource to the students who visit Fashion Flashbacks. As editor of this web site, I get a lot of mail and personal questions. Perhaps in the future I will take the best general questions and create a page of answers. In the meantime, the large volume of e-mail I get prevents me from sending a reply to everyone. Also, I am unable to send information through snail mail to everyone who requests it due to the cost of postage and the time. My time is better spent updating the web site where I can help the largest amount of people possible, and I am always seeking volunteers. Visit our How to Help page if you can pitch in. You can also help me in this effort by forwarding information about your favorite fashion schools, vintage clothing stores, books, web sites, exhibits, or other information worth sharing with those interested in costume and vintage fashion. Just e-mail me at Best regards, Lanajean Vecchione, Editor Fashion Flashbacks - Exploring Retro Style Owner Groovy Juice Virtual Store.

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Selected Articles
All of these were previously published in various places, as noted. All rights reserved by Lanajean Vecchione, but may be used for educational and research purposes. Permission needed in order to quote or reprint in any form. Contact Fashion Flashbacks for more information.

    Vintage Lover's Delight On-Line (PDF File, 465k) -By Lanajean Vecchione.
    This article describes the various ways people can buy and sell vintage over the internet, including links for reference.

    Vintage in the Internet Age (PDF File, 1 MB) - By Lanajean Vecchione.
    Vintage! Newsletter of the Federation of Vintage Fashion, Summer 1997. (Also reprinted in the Vintage Gazette, Fall 1997 as Virtual Vintage.)

    This was the first ever article about retro style, helping to establish the credibility of sixties and seventies as a vintage fashion era among dealers and collectors.

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