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Wartime Forties
Fabric, hosiery, dye, and buttons were regulated, leading to plain, above the knee skirts and boxy jackets with padded shoulders. France as a fashion center was halted with Britian and America creating collections. Longer hemlines returned following the war, climaxing in 1949 with Dior's "New Look.". Notable designers include Adrian, Claire McCardell, Edith Head, Hardy Aimes, and Norman Norell.


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Web Sites about 1940s Fashions and Culture


Books About 1940s Fashions and Culture

    Great Fashion Designs of the Forties :...


    Fashion Sourcebooks the 1940s


    Fashions of a Decade : The 1940s...


    Fashion in the Forties
    by Julian Robinson

      This 1976 book is worth a look if you can find it at libraries or bookstores. It offers a look at the 1940s in interviews, news clippings, photographs and sketches. It explains how the war affected fashion, how fashion returned to Paris, and the post-war rush on fabric. Many of these photos cannot be found elsewhere.

    Everyday Fashions of the Forties As Pictured in Sears Catalogs
    Edited by JoAnne Olian

      This is a great book to quickly and easily identify forties clothing, compiled by the curator of the costume collection at the Museum of New York. It offers a great selection of collectible items, ranging from children and women¼s day wear to menswear and accessories like leg makeup. Each page is identified year it first appeared.

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Videos About 1940s Fashion and Culture

    The Woman

      This 1939 movie shows the artistry of Hollywood costume designer Adrian, who's screen fantasies influenced what women wore off screen during the forties. It set the tone for the decade with an all star cast in stunning clothes - pay attention to the fashion show scene!

    Easter Parade

      This movie has wonderful forties fashions. Most notable is the fashion show scene, where hats to die for follow one after the other in a wish-you-could-have-one sequence.

    Stormy Weather

      This 1943 film captures the glory days of zoot suits, before they were banned due to wartime restrictions on fabric. Riots caused between servicemen and those defiantly wearing zoot suits in public ensured this would be a short lived fad during the forties.

    Vintage Pattern Lending Library

      A collection of over 800 antique sewing and needlework patterns covering periods of 1870 - the late 1940s. Only members may check out patterns, but paying the fee allows free check out, discounts on pattern purchases, and the chance to check out more than one pattern at time. From the teen patterns include those from rare French fashion magazines and British fashion patterns. This is a fantastic idea.

    The Canadian Virtual Museum - Virtual Fashion Hat Exhibition

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