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Wartime Teens
The new woman was uncorseted and colorful, influenced by the free movements of dance and automobiles. Necks were exposed, waistlines dropped, hats became smaller, and hemlines hovered above ankles in a long straight line. Influential designers included Poiret, Lanvin, Fortuny and Vionnet.


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Web Sites about Teens Fashions and Culture

    Timeline of Costume History - The 1910s

      This link list will tell you where else to go for teens fashion information. It is simply the best place to conduct a search when there's little time.

    Vintage Pattern Lending Library

      A collection of over 800 antique sewing and needlework patterns covering periods of 1870 - the late 1940s. Only members may check out patterns, but paying the fee allows free check out, discounts on pattern purchases, and the chance to check out more than one pattern at time. From the teen patterns include those from rare French fashion magazines and British fashion patterns. This is a fantastic idea.

    The Canadian Virtual Museum - Virtual Fashion Hat Exhibition

      This site offers various exhibits including one feature on fashionable hats from 1890 -1920. It offers a history with photos, including some rare examples of menžs hats.

    The Hulton Getty Gallery

      A great place to view images for browsing or downloading. Commercial users must pay but students can use images for free under certain guidelines. he entire collection can be browsed by subject, year, and category and all photos included dates. A wonderful resource.

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Books About Teens Fashions and Culture

    Authentic French Fashions
    By Joanne Oiian

      Illustrated sketches of twenties style fashions. A quick visual reference for all ages.

    The Wonderful World of Ladies Fashion 1850-1920
    Edited by Joseph J. Schroeder, Jr.

      This out-of-print gem is available in libraries or from book dealers. It spans five decades but the best section offers 70 pages black and white line drawings from catalogs dating 1910-1920. These show details not normally found, including descriptions of vintage fabrics and original retail prices. An excellent visual reference for stylists, designers or students of fashion.

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Videos about Teens Era Fashions

    My Fair Lady
    starring Audrey Hepburn

      Here are some films to help show how fashions of this decade looked and moved.

    Titanic (Standard Edition)

      This movie was an unprecedented hit, winning of 11 academy awards and producing the best selling movie soundtrack of all time. Set in 1912, it also started a new appreciation for teens evening wear with its historically accurate interpretations of the best styles.

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