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Edwardian Splendor 1900-1909
The first decade of the 20th Century formed a bridge between Victorian formality and Edwardian excess. The popular S curve silhouette and trailing hemlines allowed little freedom of movement beyond the home, and the corseted Gibson Girl was the feminine ideal. Popular designers from the previous period continued producing collections, including Doucet, Paquin, the Callot Sisters, Redfern, and the house of Worth.


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Web Sites about The First Decade of Fashion

    20th Century Fashion History - The 1900s http://www.costumegallery.com/1900.html#1900Ladies

      A collection of links from 1900-1910 from the Costume Gallery, specializing in period fashion with an on-line library for sale or browsing.

    The Hulton Getty Gallery

      A great place to view images for browsing or downloading. Commercial users must pay but students can use images for free under certain guidelines. A wonderful resource.

    Corset Web Sites

      Information on creating modern corsets using vintage method with tips on wearing and lacing them.

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Books About the First Decade in 20th Century Fashion

clicking on these titles will take you to the Amazon web site, where you can read more reviews or purchase the book, supporting our service.

    A Guiness Superlatives Guide to 20th Century Fashion
    by David Bond

      Bond's guide has useful photos, compelling content, and clear, descriptive captions. This makes it easy to get a sense of each decade just by flipping through. Even though a guy wrote it, the book has a feminist point of view and fashion is examined in relation to women's social roles. This guide was written in 1981 so ends in the seventies, but it is still a classic.

    Everyday Fashions 1909 - 1920 As Pictured in Sears Catalogs
    Edited by Jo Anne Olian

      This paperback volume is a quick visual reference featuring reproduced catalog pages .

    The Sears, Roebuck Catalog 1902 Edition
    Introduction by Cleveland Amory

      Provides a complete view of he first decade's clothing and culture including reproduced catalog pages with items for men, women and children. It's the most comprehensive resource of what was available and for how much.

    Antique and Vintage Clothing: A Dating and valuation of Women's Clothing 1850-1940
    by Jo Ann Haug

      This guide helps date items from your collection. Short historical overviews and rare outfits make this guide easy use and helpful. Old photos of folks in everyday wear add interest. I also liked the quiz to test what you've learned from the book. Well done.

    Victorian and Edwardian Fashion: A Photographic Survey
    by Allison Gernsheim

      Comments on fashion changes from one century to another are examined, including what influenced these changes. There is a bibliography for further reading and many well researched photos and captions. Even seasoned collectors will learn something.

    After a Fashion: by Fran Grimble

      This illustrated guide shows how to restore, reproduce and wear vintage clothing with overviews of each period and resources for more research. Includes tips on what to buy, how to alter older clothing to fit, and basic sewing techniques for repairing vintage items. A great resource for advanced collectors interested in the technical side of vintage clothing.

    Vintage Pattern Lending Library

      A collection of over 800 antique sewing and needlework patterns covering periods of 1870 - the late 1940s. Only members may check out patterns, but paying the fee allows free check out, discounts on pattern purchases, and the chance to check out more than one pattern at time. From the teen patterns include those from rare French fashion magazines and British fashion patterns. This is a fantastic idea.

    The Canadian Virtual Museum - Virtual Fashion Hat Exhibition

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Videos About the First 20th Century Decade in Fashion

Every Day's a Holiday


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